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property overview

This building was built and formerly occupied by Calagaz Photo Supply and used as a retail store with office and warehouse space built into the building. 

The building has 7,200± SF on the first floor and 1,040± SF on the second floor and has been leased to the Azalea City Center for the Arts and has been converted to an instructional facility for music, dance and drama instruction. The Azalea City Center for the Arts is owned and operated by Chris Paragone, a well know and successful instructor of the arts in the Mobile area. This business has occupied the building for the past four years and six months and been very successful. Some of the space in the building is sub-leased to other instructors who have had a great deal of difficulty finding adequate space to use to offer their instructional services.

The lease has just been renewed for an additional three year period beginning September 1, 2017.


sale price



building size

10,100± SF
Two Floors


contact info

Joey Betbeze
(251) 554 8145


major tenants

Calagaz Photo
Azalea City Center
for the Arts